Outdoor Cooking

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Tubby Jacks, premium outdoor cookers are manufactured from the highest quality materials. From refractory rate ceramics that withstand temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and store heat at a low temperature setting for over eight hours, to our unique stainless steel bands and components.

When comparing Tubby Jacks to other brands who use mild steel, it is key to bear in mind that while it has a reasonable strength and hardness, it is easier to weld and is also considerably cheaper, which might be why it is used.

Stainless steel, however, offers several advantages over mild steel in terms of both strength and hardness, it will not rust, corrode or react as easily as mild steel. These are highly significant factors to consider when choosing any food product, and for those who might argue that stainless steel is somehow impaired when talking about thermal conductivity ask yourself the question, how much mild steel do you see in a commercial kitchen?

We take great pride in the intricate and detailed design of our products giving you peace of mind that your Tubby Jacks is built to last a lifetime.

  •  Lifetime Gurantee on the main body of the Tubby Jacks.

  •  Low and Slow through to Intense Searing Temperatures

  •  Unique cooking environment compared to standard BBQs

  •  Multiple cooking surfaces for different styles of cooking

  •  Cook for 8 hours on one small pile of charcoal